Calvary Chapel Christian K-8 School

CCCS is a Washington State Approved private K-8 Christian elementary school for the Spokane area. Our K-8 program is both comprehensive and thorough and is designed to give students a strong foundation for their academic career. Our academic program includes reading, English, spelling, handwriting, math, science, history, art, P.E., and music appreciation.

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Our reading program is phonics-based and stresses word attack, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills.
Grammar, handwriting, and composition are our lower grade English components, and spelling is taught as a separate subject.
Math skills are a focus at this lower level to ensure a strong base to build upon. We use many teaching techniques and materials to reinforce their understanding and skill acquisition.

Science and history are taught at this lower level on an introductory level, with our expectation that students will add to this knowledge base with further study. We use Bob Jones and ABeka curriculum for science and history.

4th - 8th Grade

Literature/language arts study encompasses a variety of skills, including spelling, vocabulary, poetry, classic literature selections, grammar, and mechanics instruction with editing practice, reading skills practice, logic exercises, and writing to inform, to express, and to analyze.

We use Saxon math which offers a learner-friendly format with an emphasis on application and skill retention.

History is taught using Bob Jones, ABeka, and Christian Liberty Press Curriculum. History content includes U.S. History, Washington State History, civics, the Middle Ages, World Geography, cultural studies and map skills.
Science curriculum includes anatomy, astronomy, geology, botany, chemistry and physics. We use the Apologia series.
Students will complete their year-long study with individual projects at a Science/History Learning Fair at the end of each school year.

P.E., art, and music are all taught with an emphasis on appreciation, active participation, and skill acquisition.

We offer opportunities for students to develop a deeper relationship with Christ through Bible classes and a short, daily chapel time.
We encourage and nurture an attitude of service and giving to God’s kingdom through various activities. One of these being Operation Christmas Child during the Christmas season.

A complete guide to all CCCS policies and procedures can be found in the Parent Handbook.